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Rishad Shaikh

CEO & Founder

Hi, I’m Rishad and instead of writing about myself in third person, I’m going to tell you a little bit about Grocode and what you can expect working with us.

We’re not the biggest agency around. That’s not why our clients work with us. They work with us because they trust us to provide genuine insights and intelligent advice to help them get the best out of their investment in marketing and technology.

Why we exist

With the costs of starting up at an all-time low and plenty of investment going around; it’s a good time to be in the growth hacking business (read: marketing & technology services).

VC firms are investing in the hopes to fund the next big thing. Brands and businesses are increasing their digital marketing budgets to build their online presence. Your next door neighbors, Tom, Dick and Harry all want to build a cool internet business too! Needless to say, there’s great demand and a lot of money to be made for any agency that can gain some attention and build some trust. But that’s not why we exist.

We’re here because of an insatiable hunger to perform, to do something remarkable, to improvise, to innovate, to delight.

Are we there yet?

We’ve had unhappy customers and we’ve done not-so-remarkable work. But every day, the passionate group of individuals that make up this company get together to make something amazing happen. That might make us the riskiest agency to work with but that’s precisely how we create value.

To learn more about me, visit my Linkedin profile. To see Grocode’s portfolio, click here. If you’re interested in joining our team, check out the Jobs section.

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Rishad Shaikh

CEO & Founder

Aisha Shaikh


Jawad Mirza

Team Lead

Hasan Mirza


Ahsan Younus


Rehan Baig


Muhammad Ayub


Nolasco Moniz


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