Don't have an audience? LOPA!

Rishad Shaikh
Empty seats

Building an audience is harder than building a website. While you can easily create your own website or have it developed in relatively quick time, building an audience is a much more painstaking and time consuming process. Startups too, face the same immediate problem of getting a substantial audience to use their product right after they launch. So what do you when you’re ready with your website but don’t have an audience? You LOPA!

LOPA- Leverage Other People’s Audience

The idea is to look for a shortcut to instant traffic by coming up with creative ways to leverage someone else’s audience. The most prominent form of LOPA today is guest blogging, basically, writing blog posts on third party websites that are both high authority and relevant to your niche. However, guest blogging is not the only form of LOPA that you can leverage, it’s all about how creative you can get with the multitude of opportunities available online.

How to LOPA

• Go Beyond Guest Blogging- Become a “columnist” for a popular blog or magazine website. If you’ve developed a good relationship with a blog or two by writing high quality posts for them, the next step is to become a regular contributor who gets to write periodically and repeatedly for the website. This is great as it saves you a lot of “outreach” time that you might have to spend reaching out to other blogs/websites for guest blogging opportunities and helps you build a loyal readership by leveraging someone else’s audience.

• Conduct a giveaway campaign for the readers of a specific blog. The idea is to first find a blog that is related to yours and has your demographic as their audience and then create a specific giveaway campaign for it. For example, a brand that sells herbal supplements can collaborate with a health and fitness guru for a giveaway campaign as long as they share the demographics. The good thing about leveraging this strategy is that blog owners are almost always open to such ideas as it helps them deliver greater value to their readers at no cost.

• Reach out to community leaders via websites like, Facebook Groups, Linkedin Groups or any other website/forum where you’re likely to find people of your demographics organized in groups. This is particularly fruitful for startups and Saas businesses because if you can group leaders to use your product and talk their group about you-you’ve just scored big time!

• If you’ve got a premium product that you’re charging users for then one of the quickest and easiest things to do is to reach out to thought leaders in your industry and offer them free accounts. If they love your product, there is a big chance that they are going to share it with their audience which then consequently becomes your audience (and users!).

• From getting creative with content and guest blogging to forging partnerships and collaborating online with thought leaders and communities, the possibilities to LOPA are literally, limitless. Its all about how creative you can and discover new ways of leveraging the popular resources of your industry.

Of course LOPA isn’t the only thing you need to do when you’re trying to build an audience. You need to dabble in a variety of pull tactics like SEO, Social Media, Infographics, Podcasting, conducting webinars, presenting at conferences and coming up with interesting contests and campaigns to build your own audience in the long term. LOPA is just one of the quickest ways to get off the feet and sort of get over the “shouting in an empty room” effect as you start off with your new website, blog or startup!

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