Why work at Grocode?

We’re fun people working on innovative projects with a great company culture that offers plenty of autonomy, freedom and pretty decent compensation- but that’s not why you should work @Grocode.

Extra Ordinary Lifestyle

It takes guts to opt against the comfort and security of a stable corporate job and join an unpredictable startup. There’s a lot of risk involved in what we do. After all, we’re a startup that builds startups, operating in conditions of extreme uncertainty and constantly adapting to changes around us. This might make us the riskiest agency to work with but it is also what allows us to pack in 20 years of experience in 5, paving the way for transformational personal and professional growth.

Five Things that Make Life @Grocode Extra Ordinary

Is Grocode Right for you?

It takes a certain kind of culture and discipline to operate the way we do, that’s why we look very closely at who we’re hiring, how they’ll fit in and whether they have what it takes to adapt, evolve and grow like we need to in order to meet our business objectives.

If all this tickles your fancy and you really want in, then go ahead and email us at jobs@grocode.co explaining why you’re interested and what you can bring to the table.